Beware of the Domain: [FALSE]

Another relevant security topic for this year with the domain! This domain hosts a phishing and malware campaign. It is not related to any official Magento website and it is dangerous to login.


At the end of 2018, a warning about a dangerous website is again posted using a Magento domain. is not an official Magento site. I got a notice on Twitter about this site and wanted to review it.

I installed a Linux system in a Virtual Box to visit this site (I do not damage my Windows 10 system). In Firefox and Debian this site seems to be broken, I assume that on a Windows system and another browser you can see animations or slide shows.

The site itself is in French, English and Arabic. The title says something about data protection and it seems to be a business website.


Nothing on this site is related to Magento - just the domain. It looks like someone changes domain after the creation of this site. It is possible until a real business website was hacked. The fact is that it does not protect any data!


Again, a site that hosts malware and phishing data forms. Do not rely on domains, which are not official Magento domains. The is unofficial, Magento would host new services on its domain. Always check twice if you are visiting a magento site.

All new domains like .center are suspicious.

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