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Today I have a contract and I offer freight via Total Express to my customers, but I found that the quality of their service has dropped too much since the beginning of 2018 and I am thinking of migrating to Jadlog. Two negative points that I see in Total Express and, from what I've already researched, works better in Jadlog, are:

1 - Customer Service (SAC): Total has no customer service channel.
2 - Location for withdrawal: Total does not allow withdrawal on CD's, so the customer must wait for N delivery attempts.

Anyone who has ever worked with 2 could tell me the pros and cons of each one? If you only worked with Jadlog your opinion is also welcome!

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I use jadlog and am very satisfied with their work

I use JadLog pretty much ... I used Total Express as a recipient. My God, I had a hard time getting the product (30 Cabinets). I went on their CDs and they could not see me. Anyway, never again TotalExpress

Working with products controlled by the army and to this day, JadLog was the one that best met this demand.

Take an AB test. Do not give up on total express but put a portion of the freight on other carriers.

Final Tip: Search for Best Shipping. It has very good rates for JadLog

As a recipient, I already went to the JadLog CD here in my city, I was well received and took the good product. Just prove it's yours. I work in an IT company and often attend lectures on innovation, the future of commerce, etc. Companies are forgetting that it is no longer the product, but the "user experience" with their business. Thinking like that, JadLog comes out the front.

We use Jadlog here and we are very satisfied with the service. Our table with them is generally much cheaper than sending by Post. We solved the logistics problem with them. They are attentive, they call the customer for delivery, if they have problems, they contact us and we can always solve them. The customer is satisfied, the delivery is fast. Our headquarters are in Criciuma SC and the average of submissions is 400 / month

Currently I work with the Paid Market and the shipments ... but I am finding the value of the freight high, since I am in the interior of the RS, I know that does not help much ... but if I choose another carrier I can no longer work with the paid market? ? !!

Tell me one thing, on the site in the best shipping my city (Maringá-PR) is covered, but I called Jadlog and they said they do not serve the best shipment. I thought about making a direct contract with them, but does it have any cost ?? Monthly rate, minimum quantity of shipments ?? Or does each Jadlog unit make its contract ??

My experience with total express is as recipient. It was impossible to contact the CD of Belo Horizonte. I thought it was very strange. It's as if the parcel was in limbo. Merchandise left for delivery and did not change the tracking status.