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Guys, does anyone recommend some engagement automator to follow, comment and enjoy photos of other people?

I've heard about Social Rocket, does anyone know and recommend it? What other people do you know?

Thank you!

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Growsocial, I really like

I hear a lot about "BUME", I do not know how much it would serve, but suddenly it's a good way out.

Social Rocket I use and have to focus with it, that is the difference of it, you can engage in a more personalized way than the others. They have onboarding training system, in a few minutes you learn the platform, this is the differential.

I know companies that used, gave super right by 2 months, then Instagram realized and the account with more than 50 thousand followers was simply banned. Bottom line: if you have nothing to lose, okay the risk! If you want something solid, the way is really hard!