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Return of Merchandise - I am with a customer who claims not to have time to post the merchandise for return. However, in our exchange policy, there is no option of home collection, which is what she wants us to do. Even if you budget a collection with local Jadlog RJ, the value was not feasible. She searched the procon and procon informed us that it is our responsibility to collect, but I have not found any law to ensure this. Has anyone ever experienced this? Do you know if there is a law that ensures the responsibility of the e-commerce logistician to collect the merchandise? Thanks for the help!

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We are in an absurdly paternalistic country, with outdated laws with reality and, coupled with this, some irresponsible consumers who play to buy and act immature and pampered, in the end everything becomes a shame and, if you need support or protection has a short-sighted justice that has judges who, based on their reality, salary and way of life, sentence as if we were Switzerland, while we are indeed a third-world country. I am 101% in favor of customer registration problem, for non attendance. Want to buy? Get out of the house, spend time, gas, so - who knows - learn to at least be more consistent! Amazon in the USA is already doing this!

The truth is only one: there is a law of the consumer, and the seller who cuts himself, after all "the customer is always right"

In your case you do not mention the cost of the product, but depending on the value, you better do the collection and finalize everything, it's a problem and the headache unless you will have, you will be paying to work in peace. Unfortunately this is often the best option!

I do not know what the reason for the return is, but if the merchandise is defective or some problem I find it absurd the customer having to spend his time going to the post office to return it, regardless of whether it is in the law or not.

The responsibility (without cost) of return is from the shopkeeper, has nowhere to run, the post office has this service. I advise to put in your store a rule where it says: Coletas in the residence are subject to a longer term between 30 to 40 days, thus you comply with the law is encourages the use of the post code. But, do not risk this procon turn process.

The legal of the free market is that the customer does not have this option ....

Either he sends it back or the ML closes the complaint and returns the $ to the seller and he goes to kick the Pope ...

This "I do not have time" chit-chat is crap, everyone arranges 15-20 minutes in life ...

If she had won 50 a thousand in the lottery and had to go and withdraw the prize, would she not have the time and only receive the prize if they were to deliver to her house?