SEO Tips for 2018 - Optimize for Visitors and Not for Google

The future of SEO in 2018 is not uncertain, in recent years Google has focused day by day on improving its search engine, penalizing the low quality content and sites that are supported in the top with bad links and bringing to the first positions only the which really is relevant to the search, in this post we will address some SEO tips for 2018.

SEO Tips for 2018
"The future is right there"

All of the mechanism generated by Google in recent years is not perfect and is still susceptible to "failures", yet outdated and simple techniques from ages ago will only lessen the odds of a good ranking.

Maintain focus on key SEO tips for 2018 and increase the presence of your site on Google.

Panda and Penguin have changed SEO

Most SEO consultants have said goodbye to outdated optimization techniques that only deceive laypersons because Google has been penalizing pages that use such methods actively since 2011.

New algorithms are constantly being introduced by Google's team of developers who seek to achieve this ideal of quality.

What were the main changes?

Launching the algorithms:

  • Panda in February of 2011
  • Penguin on 24 April 2012
  • Hummingbird in 30 August 2013

Google algorithms


The Panda algorithm is focused on quality content, its launching ruined the ranking by the use of weak content (short copy, usually optimized for only one keyword, use of many banners, things like that).

O Google Panda is a change in Google's search result ranking algorithm that was first released in February of 2011. The change was aimed at reducing the rating of "low quality sites" or "weak sites".

The name "Panda" comes from the engineer of Google Navneet Panda, who developed the technology that enabled Google to create and implement the algorithm.


Penguin threw you off the pages of search results sites that have a high amount of bad links from poor quality sites, blog networks or simply other websites that were created to provide links.

O Google Penguin is a codename for a Google algorithm update that was first announced in 24's April 2012. The update is aimed at lowering search engine rankings for websites that violate Google's Webmaster Guidelines by using the now-called Black Hat SEO techniques, involved in artificially increasing a page's ranking by manipulating the number of links pointing to it .

Hummingbird "Hummingbird"

Google started using the H at 30 in August of 2013 and announced the change in 26 in September on the eve of the company's 15 anniversary.

Google Hummingbird aims to improve results for "conversational search" by making the search engine more efficient in answering specific user questions, rather than choosing a few keywords within a query.

2018: Optimize for your visitors, not just Google

Let's stay focused on what really matters

Keep your focus on a strategy that really brings real, non-temporary results to your site

What Becomes An SEO Strategy

Strategic SEO planning is one of the most important steps that a web project, be it website, blog or e-store can give. It is here that we synthesize the essence of the marketing policy in terms of search marketing.

If you're like me, at goals and objectives next year are set calmly, so you have all the time you need to do realistic planning by measuring the full potential available to achieve those goals.

In SEO it is not very different from this, however being well but easy since you can start as soon as possible and continue throughout the year of 2018.

So what are the SEO Tips for 2018?

  • Use only the rich snippets that really matter, do not add to's markup just to tell Google about all the things you do.
  • The Keyword metatag are only used by your competitors to see what your goals are. Google has not used them in a long time.
  • Do not place all kinds of irrelevant links in the footer of your site. Stay focused, make sure these links are helping your visitor.
  • Google will find all relevant pages if you focus on a good website structure anyway.
  • Avoid duplicate content at any cost on your site. Do not confuse Google with almost similar pages. These serve no one.
  • Stop buying links in an attempt to trick Google and get more low quality traffic. Write quality content instead, trust the humans to find it and get them to link to your pages because you're worth it.
  • The same goes for trying to enter this automated comment on gazillion blogs. a) most comment links are or should not be followed and b) you are not helping other visitors.


When it comes to keywords, just focus on their density in the content of your pages.

Avoid excessive use of keywords in order to increase your chances of ranking, this will only penalize your site in addition to decreasing the quality of the content offered.

It is very important that you conduct a cautious study in search of the best keywords and opportunities prior to writing a content.

in search of the best keywords
in search of the best keywords

Use some of the best SEO tools free for optimization of your site.

Quality Content

Google is able to filter the main content of a website in a number of ways.

Integrating with feeds to create automated content for your site is simply stupid.

Whether it's to earn affiliates or to add "new" content to your site, this type of strategy you believe attracts Google, adds no value to the Internet or any search results.

This only slows down Google as it has to decide if this content is of any value to its visitors. Which is not most of the time.

Generate relevant, unique and quality content focused on target audience that you want to achieve.

Quick Tips for Producing Quality Content

  • First of all, be organized!
  • Know who will see your content
  • Read and stay current
  • Writing practice is important in order for texts to improve

Conclusion of SEO tips for 2018

Do not waste anymore time because SEO is a hard work that requires a lot of patience.

With proper planning and using the best White SEO the results will come with time on a constant basis.

growth of organic traffic

Bonus, some quick tips.

  • Do not use "#" in URLs. Googlebot does not support index URLs with "#" listed.
  • Google will show emoji in search results. Emojis can play an important role in local search
  • When migrating your site from HTTP to HTTPS, do not make other changes to your site. Google is assuming that nothing else has changed on your site.
  • SEO vs. PPC - What is the Best Strategy for Your Business?

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