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A little about WordPress

WordPress is a free and open source CMS content management system.

It has thousands of Plugins and Themes available for download, all easy to install and update (with 2 clicks only you can install and activate a complex plugin).

In addition to fast and secure, WordPress has an intuitive dashboard, made for content editors, with easy customization and well organized, making life easy for your users.

"Friendly" SEO, optimized for search engines like Google, allowing in a short time your pages and posts are indexed, attracting new visitors from organic traffic.

With just one installation of Wordpress it is possible to have a multi-site framework, with a theme enabled for each "view / url". The content like the posts and pages will be separate and organized, all in a simple way, without major complications.

Requirements to use the platform

PHP in 7 or higher version;

MySQL 5.6 or higher (OR MariaDB in 10.0 or higher);

HTTPS support (recommended);

Minimum requirements:

PHP in 5.2.4 or higher version;

MySQL in the 5.0 or higher version;

Main features and advantages

  • Free open source "Open Source".
  • Developed in PHP with Mysql database.
  • User-friendly intuitive dashboard with user group
  • Safe and consolidated in the market.
  • Thousands of free and paid themes.
  • Thousands of free and paid Plugins with the most diverse functionalities possible.
  • Flexible, can be a blog, institutional site, portal, virtual store and more ..
  • Specialized Hosting Services on Wordpress.
  • Of easy development, a good PHP programmer will be developing in paradise.

Why should I use WordPress to develop my website?

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