Malware: [ALERT]

Last month, an infection of thousands of Magento stores was reported due to malware from a site called That's all you need to know and why it's not safe to install things without a good review.

Be aware of malware

Verify that the following code has been added to the header or footer field on your Magento backend:

<script type = "text / javascript" src = ""> </ script>  

After the first wave of attacks and a google ban on domain hackers changed to

<script type = "text / javascript" src = ""> </ script> 

These scripts do not seem harmful at first glance, because of Magento in the domain name.

This line of solitary code loads and executes JavaScript code in the browsers of your clients and sends you credit card data.

My store was hacked ... and now?

This particular malware is a devil. Obviously, you just added a line of JavaScript insertion code. The problem: if you remove it, it may be there after some time again.

How is this possible? Malware alters your cron.php and adds a backdoor to any place / folder of your Magento installation. Your store is no longer secure and identifying any issues may take a long time and still leave some security breach.

Please return to the last valid version of your repository.

Contact me so I can help you!

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